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Study In Europe

Study In Europe

Europe’ – what does the name invoke? Fine musical symphonies by masters like Mozart and Beethoven, timeless paintings by geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, architectural marvels like the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Are you reminded of tales of kings, queens, ships and wars, of brave men who set up trading outposts across the world? The European continent is unique in its diversity. The Romans are fiercely proud, the Greek stick to their traditions, the French believe that Paris is the world and Germany stands for progress and clock-work precision.

For the longest period of time, an education in Europe meant traveling to the UK and study in fine universities like Oxford and Cambridge. It was in the late nineties when studying abroad became accessible to the middle-class families that students began exploring other opportunities to study abroad. Though the UK continues to be a strong favorite and preferred study destination among students from India; stricter visa rules and the decreasing number of opportunities to find jobs in the UK are forcing students to examine chances in other countries.

Did you know that every year a number of Indian students go to Germany and the Netherlands to pursue a higher degree in science and engineering?

Most leading schools in India offer French or German as a third language. This is very helpful for students looking to study a degree in France or Germany. The Netherlands and Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway also offer attractive schemes for international students to study in their universities. Traditionally these countries have been a center for leading research in engineering technology, pharmacology, and medicine.

All about Rankings:

As per the QS World University Rankings -2014/15, there are 19 universities from the UK making it to the world’s top 100 universities. These include the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London (ranked joint second), University of Oxford and University College London – UCL. Popular universities in rest of Europe that make it to the top 100 are – Switzerland’s ETH Zurich and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne; France’s ENS Paris and Ecole Polytechnique; Denmark’s University of Copenhagen and Germany’s Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg.

Why Choose Europe?

Experience the diverse culture that the various countries offer. Many leading universities now offer programmes in English; so learning the local language is not mandatory, but it will definitely be helpful. The research opportunities, facilities, and guidance are quite good and accessible.

Where to Study What?

Students looking for a career in the hospitality and catering industries can study at leading institutes in Switzerland and France. Italy would be the best place to study art. France would be a great place to study architecture and music. The possibilities are truly many. Additionally, the tuition fee works out to be much lesser than what a similar course would cost in the USA or Australia. Most universities also offer scholarships for graduate and research studies.

Practical Education:

The course curriculum offered at European universities gives equal importance to the liberal arts and the sciences. The academic framework is designed to offer students a well-defined learning experience that gives equal emphasis to classroom learning and fieldwork and practical work in the laboratory.  The education system in Europe owes a lot to the Christian monks who set up seminaries in various parts of the continent and started centers of learning offering lessons in theology, arts, music and mathematics.

The European MBA:

Traditionally the USA has been considered to be the best place to earn an MBA. The last decade has seen a paradigm shift in how students and prospective employers view an MBA. An MBA is not just about presentations, numbers and fancy theories. Employer seeks a balanced approach when hiring MBA graduates, they look for people who can communicate with ease, are willing to adapt and are passionate about entrepreneurship. An MBA from top business schools like the – London Business School, HEC Paris, IMD Switzerland and IE Business School in Spain are greatly valued.

The Study Abroad Experience:

For students enrolled on programmes in universities in other parts of the world; the ‘Study Abroad in Europe Experience’ is a good way to explore Europe. Most leading universities in the USA and Australia

have academic partnerships with leading universities in Europe. This facilitates student exchange programmes with ease. Students can choose to study for a semester or a year at a partner institution in Europe.

Explore Europe:

Europe is a tourists’ delight. You can explore the mystique of Spain and Portugal, seek the remnants of a glorious civilization in Greece and Italy, go skiing in the Alps and savour fine chocolate in Switzerland. The Eurail Pass is an extremely convenient way to explore Europe on a train. The ‘Global Pass’ allows one to travel across 28 countries in Europe and can be customized as per requirements. Explore Europe and discover yourself on your travels!

So what are you waiting for? Be it a degree in Rome or Vienna or London or Paris, explore your opportunities and apply today to study in Europe!

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